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The Probus Club of Toronto

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About PROBUS Toronto

Who We Are

PROBUS is an association of retired and semi-retired persons who join together in autonomous clubs throughout the world.

Although the emphasis in Canada today is on those of like mind or interests rather than on professional or business status for membership, the Probus name, an acronym for Pro(fessional) and Bus(iness), reflects an earlier rationale.

The basic purpose of a PROBUS Club is to provide regular gatherings for those who, in retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and of similar levels of interest.

Past membership in any service club is not a requirement for potential members of PROBUS, although PROBUS members are often active members of other organizations. There is no restriction on the number of members from any one vocation. There is no compulsion to attend any number of meetings. 

The PROBUS Club of Toronto is in Ontario District #3, under the umbrella organization of PROBUS Canada. 

Our Objectives

PROBUS emphasizes that its clubs:
  • Be simple in structure.
  • Be free from constraints and obligations of service clubs.
  • Involve members at a minimum cost.
  • Be directed to providing fellowship of acquaintance and learning opportunities.
  • Seek members who are compatible with one another.

PROBUS Toronto History

Here is a great article of how PROBUS Toronto started and operated in the first year.  Also, PROBUS Toronto had generated a lot of BUZZ in the neighbourhood. Click the icon to read all about it. 

Positions on the PROBUS Toronto Management Team

We hope you see yourself in one of the opportunities below to help guide the energy of PROBUS Toronto in 2022-23. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact one of Nominating Committee members listed at the bottom. We would welcome and appreciate your involvement!

The President chairs Management Team meetings and the General Meetings of the Club; is an ex officio a member of all committees; and represents the Club at public and other functions. Link to President job description.

The Vice President assumes the powers and duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President; and performs other duties that may be requested by the President or the Management Team.  Link to Vice-President job description.

The Secretary attends General (GM) and Management Team (MT) meeting, prepares minutes and files approved minutes online; handles Club correspondence; and maintains an up-to-date copy of the Bylaws and Club Policies & Guidelines. Job description.

The Treasurer looks after all accounting records of the Club; receives and disburses all funds on behalf of the Club (with documentation); prepares and submits monthly annual financial reports to the Management Team and posts these reports on the Club website after MT approval; prepares and submits an annual budget; prepares and submits an independently reviewed annual financial report at the AGM. Job description.

The Past President provides continuity and guidance to the business of the Management Team; performs such other duties as may be requested from time to time by the President or the MT, including chairing the Nominating Committee. See 2.2 Past President in the Policies and Guidelines.

The Speakers Chair is responsible for finding speakers who share their presentations with Club members at the monthly General Meetings. Job description.

The Membership Chair coordinates the various activities including applications, renewals, orientation and any inquiries from members. Job description.

The Activity Groups Chair co-ordinates the Club’s recurring group activities and supports the Activity Group Convenors in the organization and promotion of their individual groups. . Job description.

The Special Events Chair supports the Event Organizers and helps to develop events of a non-recurring nature that offer interesting and entertaining opportunities for club members to socialize. Job description.

The Communications Chair oversees and is responsible for news, articles and announcements of general interest or importance to Club members for the monthly newsletter, ProBuzz; and optimizes use of the website and other methods such as social media for communicating to all members. See 2.10 Communications Chair in the Policies and Guidelines.

The Technology Chair manages the Club’s technology environment, including the website, Google Drive, Club email services, technical equipment for meetings, the accounting system, Zoom and security for all systems. The chair ensures that members understand (through training and education) access and use of the website as required. See 2.11 Technology Chair in the Policies and Guidelines.

Members-at-Large are Club members in good standing who are elected, or in default appointed by the MT; are preferably members who are active participants in the Club; and represent the views, concerns and wishes of the general membership. See 2.12 Members-at-large in the Policies and Guidelines.

Nominating Committee for 2023:
•    Gary Schlee (chair)
•    Jacinta O’Hanlon
•    Max Rehder
•    Bob Moore (ex-officio)


For information about the umbrella organization, Probus Canada, visit the PROBUS Canada website.

PROBUS Canada issues quarterly newsletters. You can get their latest newsletter here.   

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